Energy Information Management


Every day Integra streamlines the management of energy related information. We accomplish this through the use of technology and rigorous processes that are executed by experienced and trained professionals. The result? A proven reduction in costs of between 30% and 60% when compared to traditional methods.

Our expertise involves the effective and efficient management of critical oil and gas records - Well, Area, Facility and Pipeline, Seismic, Joint Venture, Mineral, Contracts, Purchase & Sale, Easement, Road Use and Surface files at either your site, ours or a combination of both. These high risk, high value records are managed by Integra professionals using rigorous and proven processes. Our people are highly trained in identifying and securely organizing this documentation for easy search and retrieval. In fact, at Integra we process thousands of documents every day in a compliant manner and make them available on the desktop.

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“Friendly and knowledgeable staff that provides excellent service. In-depth understanding of the Land discipline and the information that supports it. We run much more efficiently now.”

Manager, Land      


“The Integra Team has added significant A&D capabilities into our organization while significantly reducing our operational costs.”

Director, Business Services      


“Integra made a great start on moving us into a better place with a more focused team and better processes. Feedback: You’re awesome.”

Director, Business Services